Servants of the love of Christ of Anglican Rite


The Most Revd. ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson is the Archbishop Primus of the dynamic church - Iglesia Siervod del Amor de Cristo de Rito Anglicano in Colombia, South America. The Most Revd. ++ Monsignor Jose Arcangel Moncada, and our Vicar and Chancellor, the Revd. Monika Perdomo Lopez leads this Church, and of all MWMAC's dioceses in South America. He was officially installed into the Anglican Communion of the Americas in October 2018. Archbishop Moncada also received the Holy Pallium as a symbol of his authority as Archbishop for South America from His Excellency The Most Revd. ++ Monsignor Javier Morales.


Archbishop Moncada and his beloved wife Rev. Monika are pictured below with their children and clergy. 



Our Church is more than just a Sunday morning service. Every day, our clergy help to build houses in the community, build up faith with teachings, actively visit the sick at home and in hospitals, lead community programs in healthcare for adults and children, conduct weddings, funerals, and christenings. They are well known for their healing ministry, and for their passionate commitment to training men, women, girls, and boys in ministry positions.  Archbishop ++ Moncada meets with other church leaders and is instrumental in proactively bringing them together in fellowship and fraternal communion for the glory of God. 


Pictured below are a few of those projects. 


TO THE RIGHT - "We give glory to God for the decision to confirm through our Church Servants of Christ's Love by Christine Mercy Johnson and the College of Chaplains, a young woman named Claudia Helena, from our Shrine, to be strengthened with the gifts of the Spirit Holy, thus completing the work of baptism. The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are achieved thanks to confirmation, are wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, science, piety and fear of God. A thousand blessings of happiness for your whole family and community."

Missions with the children from our sanctuary and renewed consecration to Mary, Our Lady Untouver of Knots. Servants of the love of Christ of Anglican Rite of Christine Mercy Johnson and College of Chaplains

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