LEFT - Mercy Worldwide Ministries Anglican Church Episcopal Service - The Consecration and Ordination for The Right Reverend + Virgil Dwight Taylor to the office of Bishop of EagleM International Church, and the Ordination of Indya Owens-Taylor and Clarice Lavonne Staten to the office of Pastor of EagleM International Church on Sunday, the 14th October 2018 at Freedom Empowerment Ministry Center, Cleveland, OH.


Chief Consecrator- The Most Reverend ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson Archbishop Primus, Mercy Worldwide Ministries Church, 


Co-Consecrators - The Right Reverend + John Wesley Siggers Jr. Bishop, Freedom Empowerment Ministry Center.  Reverend Arlivia Siggers, Reverend Gary Siggers, Minister Renard Leggett, and Minister Angelia Leggett. Assisting - Ambassador Diego Diaz, Chaplain to Archbishop Johnson, Elder Greg Siggers, and Elder Mark Fenderson. Dancer - Sister Taylaura Tate. Organist - Brother Clarence Tate.





LEFT - Chaplain Diego Dias, Trustee of Mercy Worldwide Ministries Anglican Church was installed as Ambassador for all Spanish speaking countries, and Chief Chaplain for The Most Revd. ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson on Sunday, the 14th October 2018 at Freedom Empowerment Ministry Center, Cleveland, OH.


Mercy Worldwide Ministries Anglican Church

LEFT - SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2018, Archbishop ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson was the co-consecrator for the Consecration of the Right Revd. + John Wesley Siggers at Freedom Empowerment Ministry Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 





Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, December 6th, 2018.

The Worldwide Anglican Church (WAC) is proud to announce the historic appointment of its first female Archbishop, British/American The Most Revd ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson, who will be their Archbishop Directorate General of the Americas. Archbishop Johnson is the Archbishop Matriarch and senior Chaplain of Mercy Worldwide Ministries Anglican Church (MWMAC) based in Ohio, USA. Its dioceses and Intercommunion's are in South America, the United States of America, India, the Philippines, Pakistan, The Himalayas, Japan, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and several provinces in Africa. The Most Revd ++ Dr Christine Mercy Johnson was raised in the Church of England and served at St Philip’s, Alderley Edge, St. Mary's, Nether Alderley, Cheshire, St Katherine's in the parish of Bournemouth, England and The National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe, Orlando, Florida, USA. She is a Chaplain with the International Federation of Christian Chaplains.

Archbishop Johnson is the Matriarch and Patron of the Hosanna Children’s Home, Uganda, and a Professor at the Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas, based in Kathmandu, Nepal, for the Doctoral degree studies in grief counseling and hospice. She was born in Cornwall, raised in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, England, and has lived in the United States since 1999. She became a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States of America in 2010. Her family is a prominent part of the fabric of the British Aristocracy, dating back hundreds of years. She is joined in holy matrimony to Dr. Gregory Johnson, and together they have four children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. She is a graduate of the Royal School of Music, the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art, the Manchester School of Music, University of Cambridge, Rockford University, Crown Theological Seminary, Halcyon Theological Seminary, the Gillette Area leadership Institute, and the Gillette citizens Police Academy. Her doctoral degrees with honors, diplomas, and certificates are in theology, leadership, administration, business management,
hospice and grief counseling, law enforcement, music, marketing, and stage production.

She served as the International Ambassador for the Indian Nations Development Program, chief of staff for public policy, agriculture, energy and natural resources, and Business Manager for two Chamber of Commerce in WY and NJ. She is the former President/CEO of the United International Chamber of Commerce, and a former United Nations Representative over the Congo, India, and Haiti. She has served as a religious adviser to several Consulate Generals, including the Honorable Consulate Generals of Japan and India. 

Over the last few years, Archbishop Johnson has been honored with over 300 business and humanitarian awards including 4 letters of excellence from US Congress; Girl Scouts of America and the March of Dimes - woman of distinction; Rotary International- humanitarian of the year; Desai Eye Hospital, India – Eye care service award and the United Nations humanitarian award. In 2016, United States President, the Honorable Barack Obama, honored Mercy Worldwide Ministries with his Gold medal for volunteer service, and Archbishop Johnson with his lifetime achievement award for service to the USA and education. 

“The WAC has entered into communion with MWMAC because both churches are of the same mind. We respect MWMAC’s excellence in information transmission, humanitarian missions, and for their strong foothold in the Americas.” Stated the Most Revd ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira, Patriarch and Archbishop Directorate General of Africa for the WAC. 

“This appointment is a historic moment in the Anglican Church, and in the history of the WAC. To date, no female priest was given Holy Orders in our church. After much prayer and discussion, we have concluded that ‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye 
are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:28) There is no reason why a woman should not hold an order of priest or bishop, and WAC believes in this. Thus, we have to reflect upon oneself for the delay in adopting this policy.”

“Archbishop Johnson is distinguished and the greatest Christian leader I have ever known. Her Grace has pursued distinguished education and careers,” stated His Excellency, The Most Revd Dr Isaac Shunsuke Sato, Archbishop Directorate General of Asia - WAC (Japan.) “She has a tolerance that other leaders do not have, and I can say the presence of Archbishop Johnson has accelerated WAC to adopting the policy allowing the female to the high-ranking position. We warmly welcome her to the Worldwide Anglican Church and look forward to a new chapter in our history. We believe this Intercommunion is a significant event in the Anglican church community, where too many small ministries needlessly compete with one another. We pray this Intercommunion will encourage smaller parishes to unite with us to become stronger bodies of Christ.”

The Worldwide Anglican Church has been succeeded to preserve the traditional Anglican faith from the direct descendant of the African Orthodox Church since its birth in 1921. It consists of over 700 parishes and 800 clergies across five continents. In addition to this historic appointment, the WAC and MWMAC have come into Intercommunion with each other to form a robust union. 

The WAC is conceived from the African Orthodox Church (AOC) who owed its Episcopate and Apostolic Authority to the Syrian Church of Antioch where their disciples were first called Christians, and of which the See of St Peter the Apostle was the first Bishop. During the 1960s and 1970s, the Church played a massive role in the fight against apartheid in South Africa and worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in the United States of America. 

WAC Website:
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[Central Office of the Worldwide Anglican Church - WAC]
Address: P.O. Box 35878 - Kampala, UGANDA

  — with Christine Mercy Johnson.




In December 2018, Mercy Worldwide Ministries Anglican Church went into Inter-Communion with the Worldwide Anglican Church and the Church of the Himalayas. The WAC has honored our Archbishop, The Most Revd. ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson with the position of Archbishop Directorate General of the Americas where she will oversee all the Churches in the United States of America, and South America. She will also become a Professor at the Church of the Himalayas Jesus Seminary in Kathmandu, Nepal. Mercy Worldwide Ministries Anglican Church is in Communion with Churches in Brazil, Colombia, and Portugal. This Communion brings thousands of churches together around the world and will serve to be a powerful voice in the Anglican Church.