The Most Revd. ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson is the leader of thousands of churches around the world including being the Archbishop Primus Inter Pares of Mercy Worldwide Ministries Anglican Church; The Episcopal Diocese International with the World Anglican Communion of Churches; IDAM Anglican Diocese of Haryana, India;The Orthodox Episcopal Anglican Church - Latin America; The Anglican Clergy Episcopal Diocese - India,  and the Matriarch and Archbishop Directorate General of the Americas with the Worldwide Anglican Church, working alongside WAC Patriarch and Archbishop Directorate General of Africa, The Most. Revd. ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira. This communion and appointment are truly historical in nature. In addition to being the first female clergy, she is the first Archbishop of the Worldwide Anglican Church, which was established in 1921 as the African Orthodox Church.


Archbishop Johnson is the Matriarch and Patron of the “Hosanna Children’s Home,” which was established in order to fully realize the purpose of assisting underprivileged persons, particularly, orphans, widows, and children with special needs and contributing to a civil society and environmental guardianship in Kasese, Rwenzori region, Western Uganda, East Africa. The home is neighboring the Queen Elizabeth National Park along Kasese-Mbarara Road in the village of Kirembe Cell, Kirembe Ward, Kasese Municipality, Kasese District, Rwenzori sub-region, Western Uganda.


Her Grace is a Regent Governor for the board of the Regents at the Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas, based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is also a professor for the Masters and Doctoral degree students for this seminary. Her specialized subject is grief counseling and hospice. She was Ordained as a Deacon in 2001 and a Priest in 2016 in Phoenix, AZ. She was Consecrated as Bishop Prelate prior to the Affirmation of Apostle and Archbishop Primus of Mercy Worldwide Ministries in full apostolic succession, and in the Anglican tradition, on June 29th, 2018 by The Most Revd. ++ Dr. Robert L. Hart Jr. in Burnsville, MN. She has a valid apostolic succession, as traced from the Assyrian Church of the East and the ancient Mar Thomas Church of India tracing her bishopric lineage back to Christ's Apostles Thomas and Bartholomew. Her Grace is an Archbishop within the Anglican Communion of the Americas through her dioceses in South America. 


Archbishop Johnson was born in Cornwall, raised in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, England, and has lived in the United States since 1999. She was raised in the Church of England, christened in 1966 and confirmed in 1976 in St. John's Church, Lindow, Cheshire, England. She served at St. Philips, Alderley Edge, St. Mary's, Nether Alderley, Cheshire, St. Katherine's in the parish of Bournemouth, England (Pictured above,) and The National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe, Orlando, Florida, USA.


She is a Chaplain - badge #4226 with the International Federation of Christian Chaplains, and MWMAC's senior Chaplain. She became a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States of America in 2010.  Her family is a prominent part of the fabric of the British Aristocracy dating back hundreds of years.  She is joined in holy matrimony to Dr. Gregory Johnson, and together they have three children, five grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and two cherished dogs - Caesar and King.


She is a graduate of the Royal School of Music, the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art, the Manchester School of Music, Cambridge University, Rockford University, Crown Theological Seminary, Halcyon Theological Seminary, the Gillette Area leadership Institute, and the Gillette citizens Police Academy. Her doctoral degrees with honors, diplomas, and certificates are in theology, leadership, administration, business management, hospice and grief counseling, law enforcement, music, marketing, and stage production.


At the age of twenty-four, Archbishop Johnson had a near-death experience after contracting bacterial meningitis during the flu pandemic in the United Kingdom, which took her to the gates of Heaven. She was sent back with a very apparent and powerful anointing, message and mission upon her life. The Lord instructed her that when recovered, which would take several years, she was to primarily work in India, the United States, and South America, which fulfilled several key Bishops and Archbishop Robert Runcie’s predictions to her late parents that she was on earth to become a leader within the Anglican Church.


With her father’s death in 1983 and after burying her mother in 1999, the Holy Spirit instructed her to leave her family and country to move across the Atlantic as a Missionary on several Native American Indian Nations. She served as International Ambassador for the Indian Nations Development Program, Chief of staff for public policy and Business Manager for two Chamber of Commerce’s in WY and NJ, President/CEO of the United International Chamber of Commerce, United Nations Representative over the Congo, India and Haiti, and as a religious adviser to several Consulate Generals, including the Honorable Consulate Generals of Japan and India.  


On Sunday, October 27th, 2013, she was the only candidate to be specially Confirmed into the Roman Catholic Church in a ceremony at the Incarnation Catholic Church by two Monsignors, two Bishops, and Altar Servers. From 2013 - 2016, she served at the Catholic Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe, Orlando, FL, as asst. to the priests and volunteer director. She was a Sacristan, Eucharistic Minister, Lector and Cross Bearer. However, after much discernment and spiritual counseling, knowing she was being called to the ordination of Holy Orders by our Lord, she left the Basilica in 2016, to be ordained to the office of Priest, by The Reverend Quincy Carr, Sr. - Senior Pastor of Now Faith Ministry Church, AZ. She served as Now Faith Ministry Church's Asst. Pastor and Dean of the Seminary, teaching over 6000 men and women from around the world.


In 2016, she trained as a Chaplain with a special interest in Bereavement and became a certified Christian Chaplain with the International Federation of Christian Chaplains, RI, badge # 4226. This chaplaincy is strengthened by her education in working with people from all backgrounds and beliefs. She is able to bridge cultural gaps with her loving kindness, and assist at accidents, deaths, visiting the elderly in nursing homes and hospices, counselling the homeless, tending to those with special needs, praying with the poorest of the poor on streets where most fear to walk, visiting the incarcerated, and comforting Aids patients by sitting vigil by their side so they do not die alone. She does this ministry work with a heart full of unembarrassed mercy and compassion. 


The Great Commission leads Archbishop Johnson, and in addition to directing missions abroad, she covers leaders in many nations by sending them Biblical texts, films, and literature for them to utilize in their ministries. She has spent several months in India and is working with MWMAC Ambassador, The Right Revd. ++ Dr. Simon Peter, to establish a robust network of Indian Chaplains.


Her Grace has served as a Hospice Vigil Minister for Campbell County Memorial Hospital in WY, and as a Bereavement Counselor in Ohio. She officiates several funerals each month, always at no cost to families, and is listed in OH  to officiate at graveside services for indigent men and women as part of her deeply committed service to the community. Whilst studying for her Doctoral degrees in theology and comparative religion, she studied with several prominent religious leaders, including Judaism with the Sedona, AZ Jewish Community under the guidance of Rabbi Dr. Johnathan Seidel. 


Her autobiography, 3 hours stage production of I AM VICTORIOUS - a deeply moving musical of Holy Week, and an original Christian music album are housed in the Library of Congress. In 2016-2017, she hosted a Christian global TV program - THE MERCY SHOW and has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. Her teaching films have been viewed by millions across social media. She is also an accomplished filmmaker, songwriter, musician, and graphic art designer. Her music producer is Kim Copeland in Nashville, TN. 


Over the last few years, Archbishop Johnson has been honored with over 300 business and humanitarian awards including: 4 letters of excellence from US Congress, Girl Scouts of America WOMAN OF DISTINCTION, March of Dimes WOMAN OF DISTINCTION, Rotary International HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR, Desai Eye Hospital (India) EYE CARE SERVICE Award and the United Nations WOMAN OF DISTINCTION. 


In 2016, United States President, the Honorable Barack Obama, honored Mercy Worldwide Ministries with his Gold medal for VOLUNTEER SERVICE. The President also honored Dr. Johnson with his LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for Education.


In 2017 she was honored with the prestigious Gospel Image Award for Excellence in Ministry.


Her Grace has officiated funerals, graveside services and memorials at numerous Funeral Homes, Churches, and Cemeteries in northeast Ohio including: Ferfolia Funeral Homes, Yurch Funeral Home, Woodvale Cemetery, Monreal Funeral Home, All Souls Cemetery, Divinity Church, Brickman Bros Funeral Home, Busch Funeral Home, Dorstal Bokas Funeral Services, Crown Hill Cemetery, Komorowski Funeral Home, Ripepi Funeral Homes, Brunner Sanden Deitrick Home and Cremation Center. 




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