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Our Story


MWM is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, headquartered in Lakewood, Ohio, USA. Our journey began in 1992 and we took 501c3 status in 2016.


We are leaders in educational and social outreach, with a truly international approach. We support children in the United States of America, across South America, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Japan, Nigeria, the Philippines, and India, with special attention to disabled and displaced children, by providing them with books and toy bears. 


Our award-winning team is experienced in education, leadership, and humanitarian outreach. We partner with colleges, organizations, and corporations who provide the much-needed books and teddy bears that so many children have little to no access. Truly, we are stronger with the unique relationships that have been built to date, and we encourage you to become part of our life-changing partnership. 
















Many children have little to no access to storybooks, which are crucial to the development of creativity, and vocabulary. Our primary goal in education is to ensure that every child around the world has age-appropriate reading books that enrich their imagination and inspire them to be all that they were created to be. 



Our leaders have been deeply humbled to receive over 300 awards in the last few years including:


2016 - GOLD MEDAL - Former 44th President of the USA, the Honorable Barack Obama, awarded MWM with his gold medal for Volunteer Service and MWM President Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson, and our Chairman Dr. Greg Johnson with his Lifetime Achievement Award for their Service and education to the United States of America.


In part, President Obama said:

"Congratulations on receiving the President's Service Award, and thank you for helping to address the most pressing needs in your community and our country. Your service demonstrates the kind of commitment to your community that moves America a step closer to its great promise. Individuals, the private sector, and government must combine efforts to make a real and lasting change so that each person has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. Thank you for your devotion to service and for doing all you can to shape a better tomorrow for our great Nation." 


Other awards  for Dr. Christine Johnson include:


United Nations - Woman of Distinction

Girl Scouts of America - Woman of Distinction

US Congress - 4 letters of Excellence 

March of Dimes - Woman of Distinction 

Rotary International - Humanitarian of the Year 

Desai Eye Hospital (India)  - Humanitarian Award 

In Awe Foundation - Woman of Distinction

Indigo International - Woman of Distinction


Our primary goal is to ensure that every child around the world has a soft buddy to cuddle. Research tells us that children starved of comfort and love fail to thrive, but given the ability to embrace a soft friend enables a boy or girl to have courage and security. A furry friend captures their imagination and offers them a safe confidante to whisper their hopes and dreams. 



Did you have a favorite teddy bear when you were a child? What books did you like to read? Perhaps you still have them tucked away somewhere safe, or maybe you gave it to your child or grandchild. There is no such thing as a child who doesn’t like reading; you only need to hand them the right kind of book to fire up their reading habits. 


Most of us can look back fondly on our childhood and recall those adventure stories or fairy tales that we longed for our parents to read us before we fell asleep.  Many of us don't think about this gift unless it is pointed out, as it's just something we took for granted. However, there are so many children who will never have that gift unless those of us who realize its benefits reach out and make that beautiful gift. 


As a CHAMPION OF IMAGINATION, you will be part of an exciting and dynamic team who truly realizes that our future stability rests on how we nurture and educate the children of our world. 




Perhaps you would like to help equip a school with books or donate a bear to a child who is sick, orphaned or fleeing with his mother to shelter from domestic violence. 



Join the MWM CHAMPIONS OF IMAGINATION today, by making your donation below. 






PRESIDENT - ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson

CHAIRMAN - Dr. Greg Johnson

SECRETARY - Diego Diaz

++ Jose Arcangel Rios Moncada

++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira

- Revd. Mónica Perdomo López 

- Tim Gibbons

His Excellency Revd. Bartholomew Lucas Segu, PhD

His Excellency Lawal Ayodele Paul, B.Sc. (Hons)

His Excellency The Right Reverend + Silas Amulundu

His Excellency The Reverend  Kulukuma Amon 

 ++ Dr. V. Mosespaul Rajasingh

+ Jan L. Beaderstadt, D.D. 




 +Virgil Dwight Taylor 

+ Herman Smith 

Revd. Indya  Owens-Taylor

Revd. Clarice Lavonne Staten

 Sharon Yegon

 Margaret Rose Mejia

Revd. Quincy Carr

Revd. Dr. Brian Moore

Dr. Coylette James

Min. Nate Simpson

Maj. Gen. (Retd) Marcus Kostolich  

Mr. Joseph Delorenzo, CPA 

Mr. Chauncey I. Brown III 

Dr. Cassandra McDonald  

Mr. Steve Miller

Mr. Arnold Tompkins, Esq. 

Thakor Bulsara

Dr. Kumar Rajesh

Vijay Dani 







MWM was formed in 2016. For the last two years, we have been forming a strong foundation with global partners with communities of children that require our help today. We have researched and discovered the neediest children in the United States of America, South America, India and beyond. Most importantly, we have formed partnerships with strong foundations who will ensure that our books and bears are given to the children in most need, including orphans and those hospitalized with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. 



In Uganda Africa, MWM President Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson is the Patron of The Hosanna Children's Village, where several hundred children - many of whom have special needs, call home. Our partners are in the process of building an education center for them. Dr. Johnson is also the Patron of The St. Agnus Christian Education Center, which educates children and young adults, giving them the platform to advance to college and beyond. 

Imagine the child you support today becoming a future surgeon or scientist who has the answer for a cure to eradicate a deadly disease your family has prayerfully and earnestly been seeking for years. Imagine a child that you help educate growing into a future leader who successfully lobbies for a law that will enhance the lives of your grandchildren.


There are countless documented cases of children and teenagers who were given a safe place to hide during a civil war, who were eventually able to escape and rise to be dynamic leaders of change. Accounts of orphaned children who were given an education, growing into doctors, teachers, designers, architects, and civil servants.










1-440 590 6605






British by birth with dual US citizenship since 2010, Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson is the President and CEO of MWM


Ex-officio, Matriarch, Archbishop Directorate General of the Americas and Acting Archbishop Directorate General of Europe with the

Worldwide Anglican Church


The patron at St Agnes Christian Education Centre in Uganda.


Regent Governor and Professor of Doctoral and Master Studies at Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas


The patron at Hosanna Children's Home and Village – Uganda,


Certified Christian Chaplain - Badge # 4226 with the International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Inc.



Former United Nations Representative for the Congo, Armenia, and India,


Former Chief Executive Officer/President at United International Chamber of Commerce


Business Development Manager at New Jersey Chamber of Commerce


Former Investor Relations/Chief of Staff for three Committees at Campbell County Chamber of Commerce in WY.


A graduate of IFCC Chaplain Academy, Gillette citizens Police Academy, Gillette Area Leadership Institute, Halcyon Seminary, Manchester school of music, Crown Theological Seminary of New England, University of Cambridge, Royal Academy of Music and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.


Her autobiography, 3 hours stage production of I AM VICTORIOUS - a deeply moving musical of Holy Week, and an original Christian music album are housed in the Library of Congress.


In 2016-2017, she hosted a global TV program - THE MERCY SHOW and has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. Her teaching films have been viewed by millions across social media. She is also an accomplished filmmaker, songwriter, musician, and graphic art designer. Her music producer is Kim Copeland in Nashville, TN.




WORLD HEADQUARTERS - 14837 Detroit Avenue, Suite 304, Lakewood, OH 44107 | Tel: 1-440-590-6605  |  Email:


"I have had the honor and privilege of working with Dr. Christine Johnson for over a year. I have had the opportunity to witness her interactions with our patients, bereaved families, and co-workers. Christine has always dealt with everyone in a forthright, honest and compassionate way. She has been able to not only address and assist them with their grief needs but has also been able to guide them spiritually in a way no one else in our agency is able to do so. Christine intuitively knows the best way to approach people and give them a new perspective to help them with their personal and spiritual growth and meets them where they are. She has integrity and always considers what is best for all concerned, putting aside her own needs yet keeping professional boundaries. Christine is deeply committed to helping mankind. She is very gifted and uses her gifts for the highest and best of all that she serves. Christine is a blessing to all she comes into contact with and are open to what she has to offer. I highly recommend her. Teresa, OH"



" Dr. Christine's vision, enthusiasm, energy, imagination, determination and leadership skills make her the stand-out front-runner of any organization. Her innate ability to see the tasks ahead, and intuitively hand-pick and surround her self with a 'dream team' to accomplish those tasks and beyond, is not only impressive but very rare these days at this level. Her diverse background and experiences have enabled her to have an incredible understanding of a variety of different cultures around the world and connect with them as I've never seen. She embodies all of the elements of a person that make you proud to work with."- Joe, NY 


" Dr. Christine, thank you for taking such wonderful care of our family! Thank you for the most memorable service for mom! We appreciate you more than you will ever know! You are truly a blessing to so many people."

Laura, OH


"I have worked with Dr. Johnson and her work with the foster care and bereavement community has been an uplifting experience for us all. She has come on our radio show and has shown all of us her kindness and love."

Heather, Radio Host



" Dr. Christine, thank you for taking such wonderful care of our family! Thank you for the most memorable service for mom! We appreciate you more than you will ever know! You are truly a blessing to so many people."

Laura, OH


"Dr. Johnson is a dynamic personality and extremely helpful by virtue of just being who she is. She is totally transparent and so humble that one cannot fathom the great things she is capable of doing. She radiates confidence and makes one feel at home the minute she interacts. In short, she is a great person to work with." - Mansoor, NJ



"Dr. Christine Johnson has accomplished so much!  She has ministered to me and given me hope, strength, and courage when I have felt on the verge of having none of those virtues. I find myself often reflecting on her words and her presence, and those reflections of time spent with her bring me a deep sense of peace. Never have I known someone so steadfast, unmovable and consistent in their faith. Dr. Johnson is truly gifted, and she is someone whom I truly believe is here to guide us closer to Him. She is a blessing, and her work is essential to so many; the more people she can touch, the better this world will surely be." - Nancy, OH


"Dr. Christine Johnson is the real deal. She has an impressive record in business and strategy development and is passionate about it. What sets her apart in my experience is the generosity of her counsel, sharing, and support. She is grounded, direct, and eminently kind. She sees the big picture as well as the nuts and bolts of strategy and appropriate action. She even goes as far as to help her clients create marketing films. She cuts a wide and accomplished path in the world." - Larry, WY